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The Elephant
Elephants have much in common with humans including a similar lifespan and pace of development. They share a strong sense of family and each has a unique personality.  They can be happy, sad, volatile or placid.  They display envy, they can throw tantrums and can be fiercely competitive.  They grieve deeply for lost loved ones, even shedding tears and suffering from depression.  They have a sense of compassion, which can extend to others in distress – and unlike us, they have incredible long range infrasound and an extraordinarily good memory!


Deserts, pans and deltas

This is a simply stunning country. Its deserts, pans and deltas are some of the last great, untouched wildernesses in Southern Africa and are home to a wonderful array of game.

There is so much variety here too - from the incredible, arid Central Kalahari Desert and the extraodinary expanses of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans to the lush, riverine surrounds of Chobe and the Okavango Delta. 

Botswana's prolific wildlife populations ensure that it is also a superlative game-viewing destination, from giant herds of elephant and buffalo to the ubiquitous hippos and crocodiles that frequent the water channels of the Delta.  The country also supports one of the strongest populations of wild dog in Africa and seeing these extremely endangered predators is a  very special encounter for safari enthusiasts.

Photographs by kind permission of Tracy Clements and Gary Dublanko


Okavango Delta
One of the largest inland deltas in the world with incredible flora and fauna
Moremi Wildlife Reserve
The Wildlife Reserve of the Okavango Delta
Kalahari Desert
Rolling sand dunes and an amazing abundance of plains game
Makgadikgadi Salt Pans
A wealth of game after the rains such as flamingo, zebra and wildebees
Chobe National Park & Savuti
Home to Botswana's densest and most varied game populations

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