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The cradle of mankind
The water-carved canyon of Olduvai Gorge earned particular fame in 1959 when Drs Louis and Mary Leakey discovered fragments of the skull of Australopithecus Zinjanthropus, an 'ape' man who lived around 1.75 million years ago. A year later, they unearthed the skull and bones of a young Homo Habilis. Then in 1979, footprints of a man, woman and child were discovered at Laetoli (near Olduvai) made by creatures that walked upright - and dating back around 3.7 million years they pushed back the timing of the beginnings of the human race even further.


The ultimate game experience

Tanzania is one of Africa's most exceptional game-viewing destinations.  The Great Migration is one of the most spectacular events of the animal kingdom and we can recommend certain regions at various times of year so that you can come into close proximity of this extraordinary movement of game.  Literally millions of animals make the annual migration from Tanzania to Kenya in search of water and grazing.

Wildebeest, zebra and gazelle travel in hoards to reach richer pastures and their instinct to do this is so strong that they will risk their lives during their perilous journey crossing the raging torrents of crocodile-infested waters. Cheetah, hunting dog, lion and hyena wait patiently, ready to pick off the weak and the weary.

Beyond the mighty Serengeti, Tanzania has a multitude of other fabulous places to visit, two highlights of which are the extroardinary Ngorongoro Crater and Mahale Mountains National Park, where visitors have the incredible chance to see chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

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Serengeti National Park
Beautiful, expansive plains and home to thousands of animals
Ngorongoro Crater
A massive volcano crater with abundant game wandering its vast floor
Tarangire National Park
Less well known but a great park with copious amounts of game
Lake Manyara National Park
A diversity of habitats attract a great variety of animals and birds
Selous and Ruaha
Two fantastic game-viewing regions in the south
Katavi and Mahale
Two unusual and extremely remote parks in the west


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