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A few Zambian facts
Zambia gets its name from the Zambezi River and the country is probably most famous for the Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world.  This dramatic landform throws up billows of spray, which can be seen from 19 miles away.  Zambia is slightly larger than Texas and its nearest ocean is 600 miles away. The capital is Lusaka and even though the city was originally planned for 200,000 people it is now home to over 1,500,000 people.  Having said that, the phone directory for the entire country is less than an inch thick.

The spirit of Africa

If you love Africa, enjoy its diversity and want to experience it as it really is, you will love Zambia.  The country has numerous wonderful places to visit, the scenery is gorgeous and the country has some exceptional national parks. 

In Zambia, we find that you become a witness to the realities of everyday life in Africa.  If you undertake any journeys by road, you will pass through scruffy smallholdings where women are pounding the maize, men are sitting in the shade drinking beer and the tribal chief is still wearing feathers. You will drive through ancient villages with corrugated roofs and hand-painted signs where the only shop for miles sells just matches, soap and beer.

You will even find that your presence in some places will cause quite a stir as there are still many parts of Zambia that are simply not used to seeing Western faces. It is a joy to experience this side of Africa and, if your priorities don't lie solely with big game, you will adore Zambia.

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North & South Luangwa National Parks
Zambia's premier game-viewing parks
Victoria Falls
One of the world's most remarkable sights - an experience of a lifetime
Kafue, the Busanga Plains & Lochinvar
An area teeming with plains game and home to a multitude of bird species
Lower Zambezi National Park
A great place for game-viewing from boat and land
Shiwa N'Gandu & Kapishya Hot Springs
An 'English' country estate with nearby hot springs for bathing
Bangweulu Swamps & Kasanka National Park
A fascinating seasonal marshland and a nearby small national park


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